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About Us

GASI is an interdisciplinary scholarly non-profit organization that seeks to:

Promote awareness of the diversity of cultures within our global communities and to recognize that all human beings are included in the process of globalization;

Meet GASI’s Executive Officers

GASI History

The initial idea for our organization was first conceptualized by Dr. Chang S. Roh (Bloomsburg University) in 1990.  Dr. Roh sought to create a global interdisciplinary organization that could overcome geographic and disciplinary boundaries to address emerging issues of globalization, build understanding of our increasingly interdependent "global village," and promote world peace.  Soon after, Dr. Daniel B. Lee (Loyola University of Chicago) joined these efforts and the two formalized the name "Global Awareness Society International."

The organization was officially launched in 1991 with three additional founding members: Dr. James Huber of Bloomsburg University, Dr. Shah Megrabi of Montgomery College, and Dr. James Pomfret of Bloomsburg University. GASI went on to become an official non-profit organization, receiving 501(c)(3) status in the U.S. in 1992.  


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Meet GASI's Founding Members

Jim Huber.jpg

Dr. James H. Huber

Sociology Professor Emeritus, Bloomsburg University

Dan Lee 2.jpg

Dr. Daniel B. Lee

Social Work Professor Emeritus, Loyola University of Chicago


Dr. Shah M. Mehrabi

Economics Professor, Montgomery College,

 Member of the Board of Governors of the Da Afghanistan Bank, the Afghan Central Bank


Dr. James C. Pomfret

Mathematics Professor Emeritus,

Bloomsburg University


Dr. Chang Shub Roh

Sociology Professor Emeritus, Bloomsburg University,

GASI Founder

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