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Journal of Global Awareness

Journal Welcome

The Journal of Global Awareness (JGA) is the flagship journal of the Global Awareness Society International. Find information about the Journal and its publisher, St. John’s University, here.

Editorial Board

JGA is managed by Editor-in-Chief Jay Nathan with support from Co-Editors Sylwia Gornik-Tomaszewski and Basilio Monteiro. Additional support comes from international and U.S. editorial board members.

About the Journal

The Journal, published biannually, is an international and interdisciplinary forum for disseminating research and scholarly findings related to global awareness. Learn more about the Journal.

Guidance for Authors

JGA is a free and open access online publication. A variety of article types may be submitted, including research studies,  position papers, essays, book reviews, and editorials. Learn more about submitting a manuscript.

Aims & Scope

The Journal provides a scholarly forum for learning, inquiry, discussion, and disseminating ideas related to global awareness and evaluating results. Learn  about JGA’s aims and scope here

Most Downloaded Papers

The journal publishes papers that enhance our understanding of political, economic, social, demographic, technological, and environmental issues among global community members. Check out JGA’s most popular papers!

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